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Restaurant and fast food self ordering kiosk system


Do you keep the world changed? It's time we change too!

  • Good restaurant wants a good manager!
  • A good manager wants a great software!
  • Good software wants good service!

Aaron's Durability Group, based on the successful experience of deploying the sales system in thousands of business units, produced and launched the automation software " Restaurano ". The reasons for the adventurous restaurant software

Despite the past two decades of providing automation systems and hardware needed for restaurant complexes and considering the analysis of existing software, we found some shortcomings in this regard, some of which are as follows:

  • Lack of proper infrastructure to upgrade the software
  • Implement existing software with old programming languages
  • Failure to comply with security and communication standards
  • Failure to match the software available with today's technology and hardware

Therefore, we decided to create and market the "Restaurano" restaurant software to manage these collections as best as possible.

Restaurant software for all guilds


The restaurant software, by providing the user with the ability to define the desired level of user access to the fund, allows the manager to trace all events such as factor registration, editing, deletion, printing, output, etc. If any discrepancies are detected Can refer to the user.

Fast food

The fast food software allows the user to define the settlement in cash or pos, or both; if the customer does not succeed for any reason, the current invoice will be recorded with the rest of the orders and the speed of the issuing process increases.

Coffee Shop

Considering that ordering in coffee shops is usually done through the tablet; the coffee shop software allows the tables to be controlled, the tables are integrated at the time of settlement, and the waiter can read the details of each desk, such as duration Presence of the customer, order amount, etc.


Food-court require an integrated management software. The restaurant software allows the transfer of information to the financial office on the web. Food-court software can be invoked by connecting to various types of hardware such as: Pager client.