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Application-oriented restaurant software

With the goal of expediting and facilitating the ordering process in restaurants, Aron Co. was originally designed and manufactured in the early 2019 as the pioneer of the restaurant automation industry, one of its prominent features, the speed of operations The top order was based on its performance on all platforms (Android, Windows, and ios), which is used on a variety of computers, handsets and tablets. The restaurant software with a stylish and simple graphic environment allows customers to register their order at their desk, and after confirming the order by the waiter, the product information including the product name, number, how to cook it, etc., according to the predefined settings. In the software, the printers of the kitchen, the cashier and ... are sent at the same moment.

SMS message system(Sms panel)

SMS is one of the most important means of communicating with customers. Therefore, the restaurano ERP can use the system to inform the customer about their service process, from the moment of receiving the order to the process of preparation and delivery of the order with the minimum cost. Detail such as cost, time, and .... with predefined messages or with complete set-up and systematic setup.

Second customer touch screen for employees

This touch screen has the ability to customize the order of the customer, along with the number, the unit amount and, ultimately, the total amount of the invoice.

Web reports

Reporting and Changes in Remote Software via the Internet for restaurant managers and Remote control of software events is possible. Web reports

Kitchen Monitor

If you do not want to use the printer in the kitchen, you can use the kitchen monitor solution. In this system, when the customer order is booked and ordered by the software by the order of the waiter, orders are displayed on the monitor in the kitchen with all details including name, number, description, order time, etc. To be And chefs see every part of their orders and begin to prepare them.

Restaurant management app

Managers and owners of restaurants and industries need to receive instant reports. Therefore, the Aron software group has designed and produced a restaurant management application that can be used to collect all important reports related to sales, regardless of the time and place restrictions.